The past and present culture of the Oakwood Bank expresses its principal shareholder’s focus on maintaining a strong and secure independent bank in west central Wisconsin where it is exposed to significant outside banking competition. To assure its independence, the Bank will continue to maintain a strong capital ratio.

Bendik M. Sletteland organized the Oakwood Bank in 1919. His son, Oscar B. Sletteland, quickly distinguished himself as an agricultural banker and guided the Bank through the Great Depression unscathed. “OB,” as he was known, stubbornly refused to close the Bank during the “National Bank Holiday” of 1933 because, as he stated, “my Bank has gold.” His insistence on maintaining a strong capital base remains a tenet we will not violate. The Sletteland family owned the bank until September 2018. PF Investors Inc led by long term President William Debruyckere (area native) completed the acquisition of PFSB.

Our management’s policy is to reach out beyond the Bank’s immediate community such that its trade area now encompasses several counties. The Bank offers individual attention and value-priced services to its customer. Today, the Bank seeks to expand its customer base within a 75-mile radius of Pigeon Falls by personal solicitation and customer referrals.

Our focus is on obtaining knowledgeable, credit-worthy customers who are attracted by individual attention and continuity of service. This solicitation effort is benefited by the Bank’s 99-year reputation of fairly providing banking services and responsibly attending to the individual needs of its customers and its community.

A Bank Built on Time-Honored Values

In the ever-changing landscape of financial service, if you are looking for a bank that offers face-to-face services then perhaps it is time to consider a switch to the Oakwood Bank with locations in Pigeon Falls, Augusta and Whitehall.

We will personally serve our customers and our presence will benefit our communities and surrounding trade territories.